Surtronic® TR-170 Raceway

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    Surtronic® TR-170 Raceway
    Rapid, high precision measurement for the bearings industry

    The Surtronic® TR-170 Raceway system has been designed specifically to address the extreme measurement demands of high volume bearing production.

    Working closely with bearings manufacturers, Taylor Hobson has focused on the key attributes that are most important for quality control including very high accuracy, throughput, robustness and ease of use.

    The Surtronic® TR-170 Raceway system also includes fully active anti-vibration and active levelling to ensure the best possible result even when measuring directly on the manufacturing shop floor

    What can it measure?
    The Surtronic® TR-170 Raceway system is designed specifically for bearing raceway and precision ball measurements. It can measure both internal and external races down to a minimum size of 3 mm diameter and maximum of 50 mm.

    Speed - 3 parts/minute including set-up
    Precision - ±15 nm spindle accuracy
    Robustness - suitable for 24/7 operation
    Ease of use - touchscreen software



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