Surtronic R50-R80

Surtronic R50-R80 Roundness & Form Measuring Machine for the shop floor Applications

  • Overview +

    A range of roundness products robust enough for the shop floor but accurate enough for any inspection room. 

    The new Surtronic® R-series instruments offer a flexible solution for all your roundness and form requirements with a variety of systems and application specific accessories along with fixtures that can be tailored to your specific need. 

    Speed (3 parts/minute including set-up) 

    The most important benefit these systems offer is speed. In precision industries as manufacturing volumes increase all too often the bottleneck is metrology. High measurement throughput systems ensure higher sampling rates are achieved while also supporting increased manufacturing volumes. 

    Precision (±25 nm spindle accuracy) 

    Although many times faster than traditional benchtop roundness systems there is no loss of precision or accuracy. Full ISO compliant measurements can be taken with ±25 nm accuracy and 30 nm gauge resolution. 

    Robustness (suitable for 24/7 operation) 

    All systems are designed for constant 24 hour, 7 days a week use in demanding shop floor environments; manufactured using only the most durable and hard wearing materials. 




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