Talyrond® 595H PRO

The Talyrond® 595H PRO is an Ultra High Precision Roundness, Cylindricity and Straightness Measurement System

  • Overview +

    All axes of the Talyrond® 595H PRO have been precision machined and enhanced further with innovative software corrections giving unmatched straightness and roundness accuracies. The centre and levelling table is fitted with high resolution motors enabling accurate and fully automated set-up to defined targets.

    The systems Talymin 6 gauge allows measurement down to nanometric level while the automated arm orientation provides unrivalled versatility ensuring access to the most intricate of parts. Integral to the Talyrond® 595H PRO are the active anti-vibration mounts provided with an environmental enclosure eliminating external influence and allowing measurement closer to the manufacturing process.

    Key features

    • Fully Automated arm attitude/orientation mechanism
    • Self Calibration of arm, column and spindle
    • Automated gauge calibration
    • High precision air bearing spindle ± 0.01 µm
    • Gauge resolution 0.3 nm
    • Active anti-vibration and environmental isolation system


    • Ball screw - full length of the contact point of the ball screw or lead screw
    • Camshafts - comparison to a DXF or lift data.
    • Bearing races - harmonic analysis
    • Turbochargers - low noise platform combined with the precision air bearing guarantee integrity of results
    • Roller bearings - roughness, form, roundness and part alignment
    • Fluid dynamic bearings - roundness, topography and roughness

    Powered by Metrology 4.0 Software

    The advancement in metrology software design that the market has been waiting for...

    Talyrond 585H PRO Metrology 4.0 User Interface

    Cutting-edge technology

    Taylor Hobson’s advanced software enables dimensioning in accordance with part drawings and provides an exact reflection of the Part Co-ordinate System (PCS) delivering the final link in the manufacturing loop.

    Metrology 4.0 software is easy to use with an intuitive user-interface, virtual display and real time control. The state-of-the-art point and move axis control function delivers precise positioning and accurate measurement.

    Talyrond 585H PRO SMART Move and CAD Models

    SMART Move and CAD models

    A powerful utility that enables online and offline programming around a CAD model. Features include a stylus tip “flight path” enabling collision detection.

    The Metrology 4.0 visual display is an exact replica of the real instrument; seeing is believing. Measurements are made between pre-defined points or from points fed back from the analysis process. Improved accuracy and repeatability can be achieved via the unique feedback process.

    Talyrond 585H PRO Centre and Level

    Centre and Level - Completed in less than half the time

    Another first is the unique three-point centre and levelling method which provides a stable and high-load capability.

    Precise positional control combines with predefined alignment positions to produce the fastest centre and levelling device on the market.

    Talyrond 585H PRO Desktop Publishing

    Powerful Desktop Publishing

    The desktop publishing features are powerful and simple to use allowing customisation of result layouts and ensuring a more professional and personalised look to your brand.

    • Generate interactive reports and multi-page documents
    • Multiple documents can be displayed on screen, to compare results
    • Build a professional report and include corporate logos

    Talyrond 585H PRO Multiple Measurements

    One software platform, multiple disciplines

    • Roundness - Frictionless high precision air bearing spindle provides world leading roundness results
    • Surface Finish - High resolution gauge and low axis noise enables linear or circumferential surface roughness
    • Contour - Our patented calibration technique enables measurement of radii, angle, height, length, distance and more
    • Topography - A fully automated routine enabling 3D topography of cylindrical surfaces

    Metrology 4.0




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