Digital Alignment Telescope

Digital Alignment Telescope for aircraft jigs or large machine tools Alignment Measurement

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    A high resolution CCD system with software automatically senses the centre position of the dedicated CCD targets then calculates of displacement from a set datum to ensure a fast set up time with repeatable readings, as well as digitally outputting the result.  This is particularly useful on large alignmentprojects such as aircraft jigs or large machine tools since a single operator can make measurements and adjustments along the construction or fixture while the target is displayed on the monitor.

    • Clear digital output of X and Y minimises operator error
    • Graphical output for reporting & storage of results
    • Repeatability of measurement provided by CCD
    • Rapid calculation of results for quick and easy assessment
    • Ideal for automatic remote monitoring with data logging
    • Typical accuracies: 5µm over 3m (decreasing with distance)



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