Alignment telescopes without micrometers

Alignment Telescope Alignment Measurement Tool for Shaft bearings & Aircraft Frame

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    Similar to the micro Alignment Telescope without the X and Y micometers, the alignment telescope allows the user to set true lines of sight by utilising the parallelism and co-axiality of its optical to mechanical axis providing alignment axis of 0.05 mm over 30 metres.

    Parameters include alignment, parallelism, squareness, level/flatness and straightness for applications from alignment of propellor shaft bearings to aircraft frame alignment, features include;

    • Mechanical to optical concentricity to less than 6 um
    • Parallelism of optical line of sight to mechanical axis less than 3 arc secs
    • Precision Cylindrical datum for simple fixturing
    • Wide range of accessories to assist in alignment and measurement 


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