Micro Alignment Telescopes

Technical and Service Support for Alignment Products
For further information visit Spectrum Metrology; approved technical support and service centre for these products.
Visit their website for video demonstrations, applications and further assistance. 


  • Micro Alignment Telescopes with built in optical micrometers +

    The micro alignment telescope allows the user to set reference lines of sight for applications such as the alignment and measurement of bearings and bores read more.

  • Digital Alignment Telescope +

    A high resolution digital imaging system using CCD technology. Software automatically senses the centre position of the target and calculates displacement from a set datum to ensure a fast setup time with repeatable readings read more.

  • Alignment telescopes without micrometers +

    The alignment telescope allows the user to set reference lines of sight by utilising the parallelism and co-axiality of its optical to mechanical axis providing alignment axis of 0.05 mm over 30 metres read more.

  • Micro alignment laser system +

    Micro Alignment Laser is a laser measuring instrument equipped with the latest optical and electronic components for precise measuring of straightness, flatness, parallelism, perpendicularity, alignment and much more read more.

  • Micro Alignment Telescope with CCTV digital camera +

    CCTV camera and software allows users to select a range of magnifications from x2 to x8 for ease of viewing read more.