Electronic levels and Clinometers

Flatness, Angle & Straightness Measurement Inclinometers

Technical and Service Support for Alignment Products
For further information visit Spectrum Metrology; approved technical support and service centre for these products.
Visit their website for video demonstrations, applications and further assistance.

  • Talyvel 6 Flatness Measurement +

    MetrologyCheck our YouTube channel for more product videos read more.

  • Talyvel 6 Electronic Levels +

    Flatness measurement tool Talyvel 6Taylor Hobson's Talyvel Electronic Level systems provide versatile and precise measurement of angle, level, flatness and straightness read more.

  • TB100 Precision Microptic Clinometer +

    Clinometer TB100These Microptic clinometers have been designed for simplicity and very high accuracy allowing setting and measurement of fixtures, angle plates etc read more.

  • Digital Inclinometer +

    Digital InclinometerThe Digital Inclinometer is a robustly constructed instrument designed for clear simple reading, the system is ideal where precision angle is required over a large range... read more

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