VA900 Visual Autocollimator

Visual Autocollimator for Measurement of Indexing Heads

  • Overview +

    The VA900 visual autocollimator has an excellent range to resolution with an accuracy of 1 arc sec, this system is popular in the measurement and calibration of indexing heads and other angular devices such as prisms and clinometers. Combined with Taylor Hobson's alignment software (manual data input) this system can provide measurement features such as angle straightness, squareness and parallelism.

    The system can be calibrated to traceable standards giving the operator full confidence in results and maintaining high measurement integrity. The dual axis graticule and simple micrometer readout make this instrument popular with inspectors.

    • Accuracy to 1 arc seconds
    • Simple to use robust design with dual axis display
    • Large measurement range of +/- 900 arc secs
    • Wide range of accessories


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