Ultra High Precision Dual Axis Digital Autocollimator

Taylor Hobson Ultra High Precision Digital Autocollimator

  • Overview +

    A high precision version of the above Ultra Autocollimator, ideal for ultra-precision measurements and indexing of small angles.  One of the most precise autocollimators on the market, the Ultra High Precision Autocollimator is commonly used for applications such as calibration and setting of Polygons, Rotary Tables and encoders.

    • Measuring range: 300 secs
    • High accuracy: 0.1 seconds over central 100s (0.2 seconds over full range)
    • Simultaneous two axis display 0.001 sec
    • Simultaneous dual axis operation and display
    • Laser sighting aid for easy set up
    • Simple touch-screen operation
    • Clear software with full electro optics applications package
    • Available in a range of languages including Japanese and Chinese


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