Visual & Ultra High Precision Digital Autocollimators/Collimator for Measuring flatness, straightness, angle, twist, parallelism

Taylor Hobson’s Digital Autocollimator/collimator is designed for measuring angle, straightness, flatness, squareness and parallelism. It is easy to measure the surface flatness, straightness, angle, straightness, twist, parallelism. The Ultra autocollimator is used extensively in workshops, tool rooms, (two axis straightness measurement), inspection departments and quality control, laboratories throughout the world.

Ultra-Series Digital Autocollimators: Ultra-Autocollimator, Ultra-High Precision Autocollimator

Visual Autocollimator Series: TA51 Visual Autocollimator, TA60 Minidekkor Visual Autocollimator, VA900 Visual Autocollimator

  • Ultra Dual Axis Digital Autocollimator +

    Autocollimator Ultra Dual AxisUsing the latest CCD technology the new Ultra Dual Axis Autocollimator is a highly versatile instrument offering high accuracy and stability over a range of applications read more.

  • Ultra High Precision Dual Axis Digital Autocollimator +

    High Precision Digital AutocollimatorA high precision version of the above Ultra Autocollimator, ideal for ultra-precision measurements and indexing of small angles read more.

  • Prism Checker +

    Prism Checker High stability angle measurement and testing of optical prisms, polygons, wedges and angle gauges read more.

  • TA51 Visual Autocollimator +

    Visual Autocollimator TA51The TA51 has a wide range yet maintains a high measurement accuracy, this system is popular in the measurement and calibration of indexing heads and other angular devices such as polygons and clinometers read more.

  • TA60 Visual Autocollimator +

    Visual Autocollimator TA60The TA60 is a cost effective dual axes graticule auto-collimator with a large gauge range to resolution. Its small size and robust design lend itself to fixturing making it easy to adapt to many different applications read more.

  • VA900 Visual Autocollimator +

    Visual Autocollimator VA900The VA900 has an excellent range to resolution with an accuracy of 1 arc sec, this system is popular in the measurement and calibration of indexing heads and other angular devices such as prisms and clinometers read more.

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