• Straightness Measurements with Autocollimators +

    Check our YouTube channel for more product videos read more.

  • Ultra Dual Axis Digital Autocollimator +

    Using the latest CCD technology the new Ultra Dual Axis Autocollimator is a highly versatile instrument offering high accuracy and stability over a range of applications read more.

  • Ultra High Precision Dual Axis Digital Autocollimator +

    A high precision version of the above Ultra Autocollimator, ideal for ultra-precision measurements and indexing of small angles read more.

  • Prism Checker +

     High stability angle measurement and testing of optical prisms, polygons, wedges and angle gauges read more.

  • TA51 Visual Autocollimator +

    The TA51 has a wide range yet maintains a high measurement accuracy, this system is popular in the measurement and calibration of indexing heads and other angular devices such as polygons and clinometers read more.

  • TA60 Visual Autocollimator +

    The TA60 is a cost effective dual axes graticule auto-collimator with a large gauge range to resolution. Its small size and robust design lend itself to fixturing making it easy to adapt to many different applications read more.