Alignment & Level

Digital Autocllimators, Clinometers, Inclinometers, Alignment Telescopes

Taylor Hobson's autocollimator range come with a number of options, the instruments can be either digital or visual with manual or software data collection. Parameters such as angle, straightness, squareness and parallelism can be measured with micron or sub second precision allowing alignment and measurement of features such as precision guideways or alternatively angle of indexing tables or spindle squareness.
Electronic levels and Clinometers
Ranging from high precision bubble levels to precision electronic levels the Taylor Hobson electronic levels, digital inclinometers and clinometers are suitable for a wide variety of applications. These devices can measure to sub second accuracy with measurement ranges from 360 degrees and level measurement to 0.1 seconds, enabling measurement of flatness, angle, straightness and more.
Micro Alignment Telescope
Micro Alignment Telescopes
A popular range of instruments used in industries such as marine, aerospace and many more the micro-alignment telescope provides precision alignment to micron accuracies. These systems are robust, reliable and portable and are suited to measurement in workshop as well as laboratory environments. A full range of accessories ensure versatility to a wide range of applications.
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