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Surface Characterisation of Multi-zone Design Optics

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Advanced measurement of multi-zone design optics, using a multi-zone design contact lens mould as an example. Non-contact metrology is desired for the complicated design of optics.

Measurement technique

  • Software input - The user inputs all zone’s designs, together with all the measurement settings into one object file to make all the zone measurements in one go.
  • Automated measurement - All the surface zones are measured using LUPHOScan.
  • Analysis - The analysis for each zone can be made separately by entering the zone number and clicking ‘Evaluate’ button to calculate its corresponding surface zone form error.

Multi-zone surface form errors

In summary, LUPHOScan systems can be used to inspect the multi-zone design optics efficiently and precisely, which greatly helps the optic industry for improving the optic part quality.


Key features

Ultra-precision non-contact 3D form measurement of optical surfaces up to Ø850 mm.

The LUPHOScan is designed to perform ultra precision non-contact 3D form measurements of rotationally symmetric surfaces such as aspheric lenses, spheres, flats and freeforms.

  • Measure freeform surface with no loss in accuracy
  • Large Freeform Slope ± 8 degrees (tangential slope)
  • Freeform SAG of >10 mm
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Global after sales support network

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