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Advanced Non-Contact Freeform Measurement

Monday, February 14, 2022

Advanced Non-Contact Freeform Measurement | LUPHOScan HD

The LUPHOScan is the ideal instrument for fast, non-contact, full 3D measurements of freeform surfaces, capable of measuring almost any freeform surface with no loss in accuracy.

The LUPHOScan technology enables measurement of complex freeforms, including slopes of up to ± 8 degrees (tangential slope) and 90 degrees (radial direction). Furthermore, the class leading max SAG capability enables Freeforms SAGs of greater than 10 mm.

Note: Freeform measurement video at x10 speed.

The easy-to-use software enables direct input for common freeform designs, such as Toric, bi-conic and off-axis surface geometries and can easily accommodate advanced freeform surfaces defined only by a sag table.

Every aspect of a freeform measurement has been considered within our software, with the introduction of a new alignment wizard part setup is quick and easy and the measurement cycle time calculator accurately predicts the cycle time to optimise through put.

With ability to output measured or analysed data for use with toolpath corrections, the LUPHOScan is the perfect instrument to support your Freeform measurement requirements now and in the future.

Key features

  • Measure freeform surface with no loss in accuracy
  • Large Freeform Slope ± 8 degrees (tangential slope)
  • Freeform SAG of >10 mm
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Global after sales support network

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