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Application solutions for defence industry

Monday, September 21, 2020

There are few applications have been widely in use in the defence industry. 

Measuring helicopter blade angle 

Helicopter Blade Angle measurement

The angle of blades or for example aerofoils can be checked easily using a digital inclinometer like the one shown above.
The single axis digital clinometer is designed for stability and repeatability in a range of applications. Handheld and easy to use, this workshop clinometer uses quartz accelerometer, giving fast and accurate data.
The design uses a box frame where angles can be measured from each of the 4 faces and comes as standard with 2 magnetic sides. Multiple clinometers can be used and readings taken and compared to each other.
6 matched digital clinometers are used to harmonize the helicopter; each clinometer is referenced to the master clinometer in the cockpit and a differential reading taken on each of the clinometer positions.

Gun barrel alignment

Gun barrel alignment - Taylor Hobson Defence application

There are a number of methods used to check the straightness of small and large gun barrels. An optical system designed and manufactured by Taylor Hobson provides a simple but accurate solution to the difficulties associated with checking the straightness of tank and gun barrels.
Due to gravitational forces, gun barrels have a natural tendency to droop; in addition a certain amount of ‘bend’ is present, caused during the machining and manufacturing processes. To ensure a true trajectory of the shell when the gun is fired, manufacturers must measure and record the ‘droop’ and ‘bend’ for which compensation can be made.

Torpedo tube alignment
An easy-to-operate method of checking the straightness and diameter of torpedo tubes to within an accuracy of 0.05 mm (0.002 in).This method also eliminates the use of long, cumbersome plug gauges and the need to dry dock the vessel whilst the checks are carried out.

Torpedo tube alignment Taylor Hobson defence application

Periscope alignment

 periscope alignment Taylor Hobson defence application

Periscopes are the eyes of a submarine. A periscope which is operating in misaligned bearings needs more power in the motors to overcome this resistance.
The resultant power surge results in a higher noise level being generated which can be easily detected by enemy search craft.

Aircraft weapons alignment

Aircraft weapons alignment - Taylor Hobson Application 

The effectiveness of the navigational/ attack system of fighter aircraft depends on the accurate alignment of all systems to the aircraft’s longitudinal fuselage datum (LFD).
Checks need to be made after a front windscreen change or removal of the nose cone, or following any disturbance to the pilot’s display unit, platform navigation system or radar.

Product Recommendation

The Micro Alignment Telescope is a highly versatile alignment instrument that generates a straight line reference from zero to infinity. The Micro Alignment Telescope is designed for checking and setting, straightness, alignment, verticality, parallelism, flatness, squareness & level. With its wide range of accessories the Micro Alignment Telescope forms a unique and comprehensive system for solving alignment problems in a wide variety of applications and industries.
Micro alignment telescope used in the defence industry

Precision measurement systems for gas turbine or jet engine alignment
Aerospect SPS 1000L - Multi-gauge set up with 4 gauge simultaneous measurement

Aerospect SPS is an industrial hardened jet engine alignment system which significantly reduces stacking time and optimises engine performance.
The precision air bearing spindle and gauging combined with the dedicated Aerospect software enable first time build of jet engines to a tighter specification. This has an large impact on jet engine efficiency by enabling a reduced rotor to stator clearance but also reduces time between maintenance by reducing vibration and increasing engine life.

Further solutions

Remote surveillance LWIR

Extending the capability for lenses up to 300 mm in diameter, the Form Talysurf® PGI Optics is designed for remote surveillance LWIR, domes, free-space communications and custom null optics.
Rapid automated 2D analysis of aspheres and diffractives including reverse engineering capability.

Thermal imaging

The LUPHOScan HD offers Ultra-precision, non-contact, 3D form measurements of advanced large diameter optical surfaces.
Measure up to 90° object slopes, ideal for measuring steep, small and large optics. Applications include aspheres, spheres, flats and freeforms from 1 mm to 600 mm in diameter.

Large diameter components

The Talyrond® 585 XL comes with frictionless air bearing spindle, high load capacity and adjustable column. The system is ideal for measurement of large diameter components up to 1 metre in diameter. Large diameter components can be measured to a high degree of accuracy and resolution.