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Optics metrology solutions from Taylor Hobson

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Taylor Hobson are pushing the boundaries of both small and large optics metrology. Our instruments have been developed working and listening closely to our many partners in optics manufacturing.    

LUPHOScan - Non-contact 3D optics form measurement instrument/profilometer for aspheric surfaces LUPHOScan SD/HD
120, 260, 420 and now 600, 850

Increase throughput whilst improving quality with fast and accurate full 3D surface measurements.

High flexibility allows measurements of surfaces from aspheres through to freeforms for components up to 850 mm diameter.
LUPHOScan SL - Ultra Fast Non-contact, 3D Form Measurement Instrument/profilometer for measuring the optics interlock surface roundness, flatness of the flat lens

A revolution in the measurement of mobile phone lenses.

In a single, fast measurement routine, see the real surface form error in 3D. Measure the roundness and diameter of interlocks with angular relationship to the optical axis and check the wedge and decentre between front and rear faces.

LuphoScan measure large diameter optics   Large dia. optic - 600 mm

Accurate and repeatable measurement of large diameter optics applications up to 850 mm in diameter. 

Freeform analysis capable of working with most types of freeform surfaces including off-axis, toric and true freeforms.
   freeform analysis PGI freeform
measure cell phone lens using Luphos
  Cellphone lens

Measure the optical surface and geometrical features such as interlock surface roundness, flatness of the flat lens surface and location of the optical surface relative to these features.