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PGI Novus and Metrology 4.0 Application: Angular Contact Bearings

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

The PGI Novus provides full, rapid measurement of Angular Contact Bearing inner and outer races. It determines the precise location of the raceway profiles and their centres relative to the bearing reference faces. Analysis includes radius, roughness, form, angles and other critical dimensions. Exceptional diametral and dimensional accuracy is assured by use of the PGI Novus Dual Bias Gauge. Precise positioning of the stylus tip on the bearing is made possible by Taylor Hobson’s unique ‘SMART Move’ capability and Part Co-ordinate System. The whole process is fully automatic and provides powerful analysis of critical features, along with toleranced results in a format easily configured to suit your requirements.

About ‘Smart Move’ in Metrology 4.0 software?
- A clever tool that allows the user to create points around a part for movement and measurement, simply click and move.