Ball Screw axial measurement and analysis

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Application Note A154: Ball Screw axial measurement - Download the full application note below

Ball screws are routinely used for a wide range of applications. These include aircraft control surfaces, landing gear, precision machine tools, automotive steering and numerous other applications.

In this Application Note we consider the challenges involved in measuring Ball Screws, outline the limitations of traditional methodology methods and detail the solutions provided by the Form Talysurf® PGI NOVUS system and Metrology 4.0 software.

Form Talysurf® PGI NOVUS and Metrology 4.0 software provide the ultimate solution for axial measurements on a ball screw. The key challenges for ball screw measurement are fully met through the hardware and software capabilities. The large gauge range and low resolution provide accurate measurements of form and radius on the gothic profile, the automatic stages ensure correct alignment of the component and the dual bias gauge provide profiles on both sides of the component. In addition to the measurement, Metrology 4.0 analysis provides the key information in a clear, fully user defined format.

Download Application Note A154