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Freeform measurement solutions from Taylor Hobson

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Solving critical manufacturing challenges

With the trend towards complex freeform optics, there is a growing need for increasingly versatile measurement solutions.Taylor Hobson has been working closely with partners in the optics industry to develop an exciting, highly accurate combination of instruments to meet these measurement challenges.

Metrology packages designed to deliver accuracy and flexibility.

Supporting the design and manufacture of next-generation optics.

Taylor Hobson has a long history working with optics manufacturers to develop new and innovative metrology systems. In recent years, Taylor Hobson has worked with some of the largest manufacturers in the world to find solutions for some of the most demanding freeform optic applications.

Through this development, we have recognised that the complex challenges of optics manufacturing can only be met through a combination of both contact and non-contact metrology systems. The options below have been supplied to leading optics manufacturers to support design challenges now and in the future.

OPTION 1               OPTION 2   
LUPHOScan Freeform
Form Talysurf® PGI Optics

LUPHOScan Freeform
Form Talysurf® PGI Freeform

Form Talysurf® PGI Optics LuphoScan Freeform  Form Talysurf® PGI Freeform

A versatile system for the measurement of spheres, aspheres, diffractives and simple freeforms.

• New gauge technology with measurement range up to 28 mm.
• Continuous measurement of optics up to 300 mm in length.
• Dedicated Freeform module for the measurement and analysis of freeform optics.

Ultra-precision non-contact 3D form measurement of freeforms and complex  geometries based on MWLI® technology (multi-wavelength interferometry).
• Up to 90° object slopes - ideal for measuring steep, small and large aspheres.
• Measurement of optics up to 260 mm in diameter.
• Full 3D form measurement of aspheres, spheres,  flats and freeforms. 
A fully automated, fast and accurate system  dedicated to the measurement of high precision  freeform optics.

• Ultimate flexibility, measure any surface form in true 3D, no part design information necessary.
• Dedicated 3D system calibration ensures a high
level of accuracy.
• Freeform analysis software enables measured  surfaces to be compared to design data.