Increase productivity and quality with the Surtronic® R-100 Series

Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Surtronic® R-100 Series

Taylor Hobson has focussed on the key attributes that are most important for quality control in today’s precision industries. The result is a range of roundness products robust enough for the shop floor but accurate enough for any inspection room.

The Surtronic® R-100 series range of instruments offer a flexible solution for all your roundness and form requirements with a variety of systems and application specific accessories along with fixtures that can be tailored to your specific need.

Spindles with dynamic runout less than 1 μm

Located in Tochigi in Japan, Nakanishi KK utilizes more than 130 CNC Machining Tools. The business has been successful and the factory is ever expanding. The factory is well organised and employees place top priority on efficiency and quality.

Here Nakanishi manufactures dental equipment, along with industrial spindles and other related goods, which are sold globally. It’s high precision spindle achieves dynamic run-out of less than 1 μm and once was awarded a Japanese manufacturing brand award. “We manufacture everything by ourselves except for the internal electrics” says Mr. Suzuki, a Technician at the production division of Nakanishi.

Thorough Q/A structure with focus on costs

Nakanishi places Q/A procedures in every step of manufacturing. Along with Metrology instruments including 2 Talyrond® systems and 1 Form Talysurf®, employees implement visual inspection such that even the smallest of errors go unmissed in the process. The Talyrond® and Form Talysurf® systems are working continuously during the working day.

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About Nakanishi

Nakanishi is a Japanese manufacturer, founded in 1930, with over 800 employees and annual global sales figures of over 30 billion Japanese Yen. Initially specialising in dental related technology, Nakanishi expanded to producing spindles and motors for industrial use.

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