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New 44 page product solutions brochure from Taylor Hobson

Monday, January 23, 2017

The new innovation brochure from Taylor Hobson has everything you need to know, from the latest developments on a wide range of contact and non-contact instruments to industrial applications.

High speed 3D measurement of injector plungers

Taylor Hobson’s LuphoScan is an ideal tool for measuring the critical dimensions of injector fuel plungers and similar components. The high speed 3D measurment can contribure greatly to improving injector efficiency.

The non-contact LuphoScan platform offers unmatched, speed and accuracy for a wide variety of components from complex optics and mechanical parts to flatness of sealing surfaces.

Advantages of the LuphoScan

  • Full 3D measurement of plunger cones - 100% surface inspection
  • High speed non-contact measurement - High sample throughput
  • Measure cone and stem in a single 3D measurement - Unbeatable accuracy combined with ease of use
  • Unique 3D software offering roundness, cone angle and straightness…

Products for this application

Ultra high precision roundness measurement

The carousel system transforms the Talyrond® 500HS into a multi-part measurement system.

The unique counterbalanced design of the carousel system ensures measurement without compromise to the instruments specification.

This portable device simply sits on the spindle table via three point location and plugs into a concealed socket. Control is provided via our Ultra software enabling fully automated measurement of multiple parts.

Unique benefits

  • Higher volume throughput
  • Zero operator attendance
  • Reduced set up time
  • Multi part or multi featured part (carousel mode) or single part measurement (carousel removed)
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Ball screw and lead screws analysis

Taylor Hobson has an in depth understanding of the wide range of applications for ball screw and lead screw actuator functionality; from aircraft control surfaces and landing gear, to precision movement of machine tools.

Key measurements for design and production

Taylor Hobson works with leading manufacturers of actuator screw shafts to develop unique measurement techniques for the industry.

This enables us to provide capability for the reliable inspection of production parts as well as providing detailed information needed to improve the designs and production processes.

Products for this application

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