Groundbreaking analysis technique for ball screws and lead screws

Monday, April 3, 2017

Taylor Hobson has an in depth understanding of the wide range of applications for ball screw and lead screw actuator functionality; from aircraft control surfaces and landing gear, to precision movement of machine tools.

Key measurements for design and production
Taylor Hobson works with leading manufacturers of actuator screw shafts to develop unique measurement techniques for the industry. This enables us to provide capability for the reliable inspection of production parts as well as providing detailed information needed to improve the designs and production processes.

Precise, low noise measurement for results you can trust!
A highly stable measurement platform is the foundation for reliable measurement practice. It ensures that the ball screw remains well aligned for measurement and delivers unmatched repeatability, providing reliable, low noise data for production process control and next generation development. Our products are underpinned by decades of measurement experience, ultra-precision manufacturing expertise and FEA optimised design. These provide low noise and near flawless mechanical execution of the measuring axes.

Inspection capabilities

Key analysis:

  • Lead accuracy
  • Thread shape / form
  • Ball screw “noise” (Rq)
  • Alignment mount accuracy
  • Surface finish and waviness
  • Toleranced harmonics
  • Pitch circle diameter (PCD)
  • Gothic arch parameters

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Helix angle

Helical measurements for analysis of harmonics and surface finish

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