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Taylor Hobson's Surtronic Duo contributes heavily to reduce slips and trips

Surtronic Duo

The Surtronic Duo is widely used to assess flooring safety in hospitals, shopping centres, restaurants, on public transport networks and in local authorities. Also used by flooring manufacturers to control the roughness in their manufacturing processes and meet the increasingly stringent requirements of their customers.

Suitable for accessing floor surfaces including Ceramic, Marble, Granite, Stone, Concrete, Cement, Smooth wood, laminate, Resin finishes, Glass ,Metal, vinyl and plastics (Not recommended for use on carpet, undulating or very rough floors).

The Surtronic Duo; is a portable, low cost system, fast and easy to use and requires no training.

Health and Safety Executive HSE

Taylor Hobson's universal Surtronic Duo, designed to measure Surface Roughness is heavily utilised in conjunction with the HSE Slips assessment tool software (SAT) allowing users to assess their own flooring.

Click for the HSE report 'Assessing the slip resistance of flooring'


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