Research and Development at Taylor Hobson

Taylor Hobson is an ultra-precision technology company operating at the highest levels of precision within the field of surface and form metrology. In order to stay at the front of this rapidly evolving field we invest heavily in research and development – 20% of our workforce is involved in developing and maintaining our products.


Taylor Hobson has led the technology of surface and form measurement for many years by investing in applied research with long time horizons. Our research team includes scientists with specialisations in physical and geometrical optics, thin films, computer-simulation, ultra-precision engineering, mechanical modelling and mathematics.

We leverage their work through close relationships with leading academic institutions such as the Universities of Huddersfield and Nottingham, HUST (Wuhan, China), National Measurement Institutes including NPL (National Physical Laboratory) of the UK, PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) of Germany and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) in the USA; and industry associations including ASPE (American Society of Precision Engineering), SPIE (International Society for Optical Engineering) and EUSPEN (European Society of Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology).

Taylor Hobson has a formal relationship with the Centre for Precision Technology at Huddersfield University which is led by Professor Liam Blunt. This group is working on a number of leading edge research projects and advanced surface analysis software on behalf of Taylor Hobson.

Interferometry and Non-Contact Metrology

We have a long history in interferometry, from the early 1970s onwards – the first products using interferometers were released in 1984. We produce image analysis systems for cylinder bore inspection. Our latest non-contact product is the CCI, a new concept in broadband interferometry, offering leading edge performance. Even our premier stylus instrument uses a Phase Grating Interferometer to determine gauge displacement – hence the name Form Talysurf "PGI".

Advances have been made to the CCI within the research team to address the measurement of super-polished surfaces. Noise improvements have been achieved through the use of a new CMOS camera and improvements to the scanning and analysis procedures. The high spatial frequency noise figure now lies at 10pm rms when measuring a mirror within an averaging measurement time of 2 minutes.

Contact Metrology

Our history is in stylus metrology. We have just invested heavily in completely renewing our Form Talysurf range of products – the new Form Talysurf PGI Optics and Bearings sets the standard for others to strive for. Our Roundness products are constantly evolving: we are continually improving our instrument specifications and adding functionality.

Intellectual Property

To drive us forward further we invest in pure research both in-house and in a number of academic institutions. We also collaborate with a number of National Measurement Institutes to ensure that we use the most appropriate techniques and technologies.

We protect our R&D investment by taking out patents – our current portfolio is in excess of 60, registered in many countries around the world.

Custom Solutions

Sometimes, our users cannot solve their measurement / manufacturing problems with our standard products. To help our users meet their needs we also offer a design & build service to deliver custom products.

Typical custom products have included:

  • Ultra-precision instruments and / or gauging for National Measurement Institutes
  • Shop floor measurement systems
  • Custom measurement analyses
  • Single point diamond turning machines
  • Enhancements to our standard products
  • Specialist fixturing

So where is the future?

Nanotechnology is the buzz word of the moment. Behind the hype is a sweeping change in manufacturing to smaller, more precise components and more highly engineered surfaces. Taylor Hobson is constantly developing technology to meet these challenges.

 Research Scholar in the Field of Surface and Form Metrology Softwares and Instruments

 Research Scholar in development of  Interferometry, Contact and Non-Contact Metrology Systems

 Research Scholar in Research and Development of  Surface and Form Metrology Measurement Solutions & Equipments