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Taylor Hobson AT A GLANCE

Established in 1886, Taylor Hobson is the world leader in surface and form metrology and developed the first roundness and surface finish measuring instruments.

We provide contact and non-contact measurement solutions for the most demanding applications on a global basis, with a worldwide infrastructure to support our clients; we are a truly global ultra precision metrology company.

We are pioneers, continually developing our products to meet the ever-increasing demands of next generation technologies, particularly in optics, bearings, automotive, aerospace, medical and renewable energy technologies.

Taylor Hobson is part of the Ultra Precision Technologies Division of AMETEK, Inc. which is a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of approximately $5 billion. 


  • 2D X Auto roller bearing measurement
    Metrology 4.0: 2D X AUTO for roller bearing

    The new '2D X Auto' feature in Metrology 4.0 software It simplifies the measurement of roller bearings by precisely auto-detecting the edge at the start and end of the roller.

  • Roller Bearing Assembly
    Rapid roller bearing measurements

    Unique, rapid and precise solution for measurement of all four sides of the roller bearing, removing reliance on external fixture datums