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Updated Talyvel 6: New software and simple ON/OFF pendulum clamp










Talyvel 6 is now supplied with new, icon driven operating software giving a clean and user-friendly interface to the operator. Measurements are taken directly from the PC and error correction within the software allows higher accuracy and stabliity of results.

The clear icon driven instructions minimise operator problems; users can see battery life,which levels are connected and where they are in the range.


Timed measurement (datalogging): Select to take a defined number of measurements at fixed intervals. [3 to 2000 measurements with a total elapsed time of between 20 seconds and 85 hours].

Display 2 decimal places: this applies to readings displayed in arc sec only. The default is 1 decimal place but for improved resolution the user can select 2.

Gravity Offset: This prompts the user through the reversal calibration procedure to ensure true reference to gravity.

Set zero offset: This control sets the current reading to zero by applying a simple offset, which is maintained until this option is cancelled.

Measurement Beep: Audible signal to confirm measurement taken - this ‘beep on measure’ minimises error due to premature instrument movement.

Long distance reading: A large number is displayed that can be read at long distances.


The Talyvel software includes a number of settings to give the operator full flexibility. For example:

Talyvel 6 is supplied as standard with the above software on laptop (current computer options are on the Taylor Hobson price list). Further options include the wide range version, wireless option (code 112-4519) and analysis software (112-5105).

New Clamping Mechanism

The accuracy of the Talyvel levels is due to a sensitive pendulum type transducer which is suspended on fine wires and is silicon oil damped. The instrument needs to be clamped before transit or storage and operators were often not aware that they needed to turn the clamp screw several times, resulting in oil loss. The new design clamping mechanism gives a fail-safe ON/OFF (180° turn) locking system to protect the Talyvel .


Flatness calibration of Tables

The main application for the Talyvel system apart from levelling is the flatness calibration of granite or cast iron surface tables to international standards. The Talyvel 6 with the addition of the Electro Optics Analysis Software 112-5105 gives a fast and reliable method of calibration (further details are on Technical Note T131 and video on our web page: click here).

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