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CCI Optics

However quickly you must analyse it, confidence in your 3D areal measurement result is assured with the revolutionary CCI Optics non-contact 3D optical profilers. The high resolution camera, combined with 1/10 ångström vertical resolution, delivers an incredibly detailed analysis of all surface types from very rough to extremely smooth.

Keeping pace with the expertise of optics researchers and scientists, the CCI Optics is ready for the demanding measurement requirements of the optics field. Combining powerful dimensional and roughness analysis software with uncompromised engineering gives you the ideal inspection tool for roughness measurement. CCI unique thin film thickness measurement capability completes an outstanding metrology package designed for the optics industry.

Features of the CCI Optics 3D Optical Profilers:

  • 2048 x 2048 pixel array for large FOV with high resolution
  • 0.1 ångström resolution over the entire measurement range
  • 0.3% - 100% reflectivity surfaces measured with ease
  • <0.2 ångström RMS repeatability, <0.1% step height repeatability
  • 64-bit control and analysis software in multi-language