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Form Talysurf Intra - low cost contour, waviness and roughness...



Housed in a rugged enclosure, the Intra has a proven history of maintaining accuracy of measurement without the need for constant maintenance or support. Quality, flexibility and ease-of-use have enabled the Intra to become a shop-floor standard across a wealth of different industries.

Intra is a perfect choice. It combines industry leading specification with simplicity of operation for unbeatable practicality and value.

Featuring large Windows 8 touch screen PC and options for traditional Ultra software or Intra Touch software the new Form Talysurf Intra series is one of the most versatile and robust roughness, waviness and contour measuring solutions available. 

intra instrument 



Intra Ultra Software – Benchmark metrology lab software

The Intra Ultra System includes everything metrology lab assessment of surface finish and form. Fundamental roughness and waviness parameters are included, plus form error analysis, feature exclusion, zoom tool and full programmability.

  • Ultra Contour Analysis
  • Talymap 3D Analysis
  • Simple User Interface
  • Dual Profile Analysis
  • Q-Das SPC support
intra screen 1   intra screen 2
                                 Ultra                                                Ultra - Simple User Interface

Intra Touch (Talyprofile) software – Best for shop floor applications

The Intra touch software is bases on a simple to use graphical interface with large touch screen controls, however the software is compatible with all the ISO surface finish and contour measurement standards.

  • Roughness / Waviness / Contour Analysis 
  • Simple Touch user interface
  • Built-in Tolerancing and SPC
  • Operator Mode with password protection
intra screen 3intra screen 4

                                  TalyProfile                                                            Talyprofile - Contour