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Roller Bearings - new contact and non-contact solutions


Non-contact and contact measurement solutions for improving the design and functionality of roller bearings and ensuring that they are manufactured precisely in accordance with their design criteria.

Compare measured profiles to design data

Taylor Hobson’s ‘DXF Creator’ coverts design formulae into profiles for comparison to measurements, providing analysis of:

  • FORM ERROR - View the difference between the desired and measured shape, then check and dress
    the shape of the grinding wheel.
  • X OFFSET - The shape of the measured profile and its X position with respect to the end datum of the
    bearing can be measured using fixtures. The machine axis can then be adjusted as required.
  • PROLFILE TILT - unique to Taylor Hobson Talyrond systems, any tilt of the profile with respect to the
    roller bearing axis can be calculated. This allows adjustment of the grinding wheel angle.


Roller bearing measurement

For a copy of our 'Bearings Solutions Brochure' or for further information please click here

Harminc and velocity analysis

Use Taylor Hobson’s Advanced Harmonics and Velocity Analysis to:

  • Improve bearing design
  • Understand dynamic bearing performance
  • Predict functional behaviour by simulation of rotational speed
  • Establish how waviness affects resonance generation
  • Reduce component scrap
  • Identify problem areas in production

Harmonic analysis

For a copy of our 'Bearings Solutions Brochure' or for further information please click here