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Q-Link - the latest addition to our powerful Ultra software!


Ultra Software Upgrade

Q-link is a new production and advanced SPC software interface offering simplicity, versatility and traceability. Q-link provides direct communication with Q-Das SPC software which delivers feedback to your manufacturing process. For Talyrond and Form Talysurf instruments.

Software upgrade q-link

Take advantage of Q-Link's automation and reporting.
Results from TalyMap Contour are now published seamlesly within Ultra.

Upgrade your software now…

Upgrade your Ultra software to the latest version and take advantage of Q-link, Taylor Hobson’s production interface giving you automated reporting, easy pass fail identification and electronic traceability!

Need SPC too?
Q-Link fully supports a Q-DAS and csv format export of all parameters for all your statistical and analysis needs.

Stringently audited interface with certification by Q-DAS

The certification confirms that the Q-DAS Interface meets the demands of the of the Advanced Quality Data Exchange format (AQDEF) Version 3.01 – Category C for variable characteristics and guarantees that Taylor Hobson’s interface is correct to communicate results directly in to Q-DAS statistical software.

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